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Gobo's and Monograms

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Gobo's are projected onto a surface and can be fixed or put in a slow rotation.  Often we will create a gobo that matches the font and style from your wedding invitation.   Gobo's can be projected on the floor, ceiling or any other surface that is not too ornate.
We make our gobos in-house using thin plastics but you can also order a gobo made from steel which is laser cut and has much finer edges or if you want mixed colors you can order a glass gobo.  Besides using a gobo to project a monogram we also use them to project textures, an easy fix for a plain wall. 

There is no charge for our custom gobos: for steel or glass it is at our cost ($40 ~ $75).
Our Monograms are created in our graphics studio.  They are projected using a pro level projector.  Our Monograms are custom made and can displayed on a surface, wall, floor, or one of our many screens.  
The DJ Booth
We have several DJ booths, we always have a lighted facade to cover those wires and all that technology.   Wire management and housekeeping are very important to us.  We hide our wires and tape down any exposed power or speaker lines.
Table Top
Here we use a table covered with the same linen as all the tables in the room, then we top the table with small facade and light it to match the decor.
Full Floor
A full floor facade goes from the floor up 48 inches, with the lighting behind it makes for a beautiful display of lights and atmosphere.
Smaller facade
Sometimes we don't need a large facade, a smaller wrap around facade is just the ticket.

Casual / Rustic

Techo / Industral

Some settings go better with a little more casual look, this is our "barn" facade.  While it is not lit from behind it is decorated with your initials and some nice words of encouragement on the sides.
Every venue has it's own "feel" and that is why we have several facades that we can select from to match the "vibe" of your event.  This is a bit more techo but also matches up well with venue that have that urban look.  Pipes and hardware exposed.  

Video Monitor

The possibilities are endless: engagement photos, growing pictures, facebook photos.... not to mention monograms, music video, and those oh so favorite computer generates visualizations.   Another service we enjoy is snapping photos during the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour and displaying them to your guest while we wait for the grand entrance... magic!

Projection Screen

Sometimes the venue yields a perfect opportunity to "blow up" the video show and put it on a large screen or better yet a large surface (wall, ceiling or dance floor).

We have several projection screen and projectors to match the venue and opportunity.
Long Throw Projections

We have lots of options for placing your monogram or special design on a wall, ceiling or dance floor.  We can do this inside or outside.....
Lights are a great way to enhance the ambiance of your venue but, we need to match the lights to the event and the venue.  For a prom you need to light the house like the the 4th of July, for a hotel's ballroom you need to spotlight the vibe of the event, and for a barn you should enhance the natural features of the venue while focusing on the soul of the event.
Event lights fall into four groups:

Dance floor lighting: Scanners, moving heads, led dots all can be directed towards the dance floor to bring that "Saturday Night Fever" feel to the dance floor.  Anywhere from a little to lot....

Wash Lights: Wash light bathe the area with a color glow.  They can be used to highlight an area or play off the color theme of the room.

Textures:  Wash lights are often set on the floor and directed upward in order to change the room.   Gobos can also be used to project a texture or pattern on a large space turning it from plain to special.

Spots.  Spotlights come in many forms.  Pin spots are smaller and can be used to highlight your cake, head table or just to add light to a dark area. Follow spots are the big brother and they are often used to follow a couple on the dance floor or to highlight a speaker or large display. 
Coming Soon!

Projection Mapping

We can project images to enhance your event.... imagine your wedding cake "animated!"  Stay tuned........
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